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The President and professors constitute the faculty of the University, and, as such, shall have the immediate government and discipline of it and the students therein. The faculty shall also have power, subject to the supervision of the board of regents, to prescribe the course of study to be pursued in the University, and the text books to be used. University of Oregon Charter, Section 14, 1876 (ORS 352.010, 352.004, 352.006)

Statutory Faculty as defined by the University Constitution

STATUTORY FACULTY. In this document, Statutory Faculty is defined as the body of professors consisting of the University President, tenure-related officers of instruction, career non-tenure-track officers of instruction, and officers of administration who are tenured in an academic department. Membership in the Statutory Faculty is retained during sabbatical leaves. Retired and emeriti faculty members are not members of the Statutory Faculty, whether or not they have teaching responsibilities. The University President is the President of the Statutory Faculty.

Prologue to the University Constitution

We, the Professors and President of the University of Oregon, in recognition of the need for effective cooperation among its Constituent Groups, hereby agree that the Constitution of the University of Oregon defines the manner in which the Statutory Faculty shall exercise its governance obligations. This Constitution reflects the original collegial and consultative spirit embodied in the 1876 charter and aligns with subsequent codifications and clarifications of that Charter expressed in Oregon Revised Statutes. Any change to this Constitution shall occur only after approval by the Statutory Faculty and the University President. Any provision of this Constitution which is inconsistent with State Law is void.

Statutory Faculty Members